Chairman's Message


‘Organ Donation’, an infallible way of service to the society. Yes, what can be a better way to serve humanity than gifting a life to someone who is in dire need of organ for survival? The State Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (SOTTO) Bihar was set up with a noble idea of making a difference in the lives of patients who are waiting for organs and tissues to live a healthy life.

The passionate project of Organ Donation and Transplant under National Organ and Tissue Transplant Programme (NOTP) of Government of India commenced in Bihar in 2016 when we got this great opportunity to establish SOTTO in IGIMS Patna.

SOTTO aims to create awareness on Organ Donation and the process of transplant so that it is no more a myth in the society.  It focuses on monitoring and facilitating transplant activity in the state of Bihar. Its major role includes coordinating for organ procurement and transplant, maintaining waiting list for patients who need organs, registration of hospitals who intends to carry out transplant and facilitating the entire process right from donation till transplant.

I am indeed joyful to express that our team has done excellent work in shaping SOTTO Bihar and taking it to newer heights every year. We are dedicated to create mass awareness on organ donation and making organ transplant possible for all the patients in need. My best wishes to the entire team and people of Bihar for coming forward and making this project a successful one.

Prof. Dr Manish Mnadal
Chairman SOTTO Bihar cum
Medical Superintendent, IGIMS